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About The Practice

About The Practice - Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

We Have The Vision It Takes

We have a single focus: to excel in plastic surgery of your eyes and this is our practice passion. We consult with you to create an individual plan based on your goals and preferences, and we do whatever it takes to give you a pleasant experience and an outstanding result. Your confidentially is always maintained.

Your procedure will be performed at a local surgery center, or in the California State Certified Surgical Suite at our Mountain View office. Your preference for sedation or local anesthesia will be discussed. Dr. Levin and his facility have received the maximum three-year accreditation from the Institute of Medical Quality, a division of the California Medical Association, and our facility complies with all environmental safety standards, including infection control. Our facility is accredited by the Medical Board of California.

Our Patient Bill of Rights:

  • Equitable, unbiased, considerate and respectful care
  • Full disclosure of illness, condition, treatment, and prognosis in terms the patient can understand
  • Full knowledge of the names and roles of all physicians involved in care
  • Receipt of sufficient information, in advance if feasible, to allow a patient to give informed consent or to refuse any proposed treatment or procedure
  • The option to inquire about or obtain a second opinion
  • A reasonable response to any reasonable request for service
  • An assurance of privacy in all matters related to the case
  • Receipt and explanation of a statement of charges
  • Receipt of information regarding rules and policies which apply to patient conduct
  • The ability to have complaints addressed and to receive an appropriate response
  • Receipt of information and advice, upon request, relating to spiritual and emotional health


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