For Patients

Our office is dedicated to providing unsurpassed care in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Please take a moment to read the information below. We have provided resources to make your visit as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Please complete the registration form you received in the mail, or download and print the appropriate forms provided below. These questions familiarize us with your medical history and help us to screen you for possible surgery.

We make every effort to be punctual. You should allow one hour for your initial visit, although the actual length of your appointment may vary.

At the time of your visit, we will take a detailed review of your current problem and past medical history. Your vision and relevant aspects of your face and eyes are examined. You will not have surgery at the time of your visit.


Print Patient Information Pack
  Includes visit info, directions,
registration form, history form
Notice of Privacy Practices HIPAA
  This is a required privacy notice as Required by the Privacy Regulations Created as a Result of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

What you’ll need for your first appointment

  • A completed registration form, enabling us to screen you for possible surgery.
  • If possible, old photographs from your late teens or twenties. (If photographs are on your computer or smart phone, please PRINT these out for us to review at you consultation).
  • A list of all vitamins, medicines, and eye drops you are using.
  • Eyeglasses and a contact lens case should you be wearing contacts.
  • Copies of previous operative reports if you have had previous eyelid surgery.
  • Copies of medical records or special tests, including the actual CT or MRI scans, if you have a complex medical problem.
  • Removal of all make-up before your appointment.

If a procedure or biopsy is recommended, you will be asked to schedule a return appointment.

About our fees

Fees for Plastic Surgery are determined by the extent of services needed to correct a specific condition, as well as by the expertise of the surgeon.

About Insurance

While we have considerable experience in dealing with insurance companies, we do not know and cannot certify what professional or operating room services will be covered by your insurance. We are always willing to contact your insurer to describe your condition, the anticipated fees, and other pertinent information. You may wish to check with your insurance carrier about coverage before proceeding with surgery.

To assist patients with insurance programs for which we are a "preferred provider" and also Medicare, we will submit the initial claim form. We can always help you with insurance details, but you will be responsible for prompt payment for services regardless of the status of your insurance claim.

About HMO’s

Some insurance plans now require pre-authorization prior to the office visit. If required by your insurance, please be certain to obtain authorization from your "gatekeeper" physician before your appointment. Unfortunately, we are unable to see HMO patients without authorization.

About Out Of Town Patients

We are flattered to have many patients contact our office from outside the Bay Area and Northern California. “Out of town” patients present special challenges in evaluation, scheduling, and post-operative care. At this time, we are only able to see out of town patients with cosmetic concerns who have not had previous eyelid surgery. Unfortunately, our full schedule and commitment to our local community prevent us from seeing patients with medical or reconstructive problems who live outside the Bay Area.